50 Pack of 4-Ply Masks

A perfect fit for every face, our disposable face masks are manufactured in Thailand with three layers of protection. This skin-friendly filter cloth will cover your nose and mouth for maximum protection. Simply wrap the straps around your ears and step up your safety by 80%.

Protect Yourself & Your customers

Our high-quality filtering face masks ensure a physical barrier to protection. With the new 3-ply design, It can help prevent transmission and block pollution so you can breathe easily and safely in any environment.

Safe to use

for all ages

Unlike other personal protection face masks, our nose and mouth masks are soft and lightweight. Masks are gentle on the skin and feel comfortable all day while remaining easy to wear.

High Rated Reviews

Getting back to serving our customers has been our #1 priority. Having a steady supply of masks to remain compliant with new laws has helped us get up and running. Our customers and staff feel safe
Jackson Przybolewski
Wearing protective gear is a requirement for me. These masks keep me safe, while remaining comfortable throughout long shifts. 100% recommend especially if you need multiple masks every day.
Annie Rayfield